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5 Mistakes Made When Buying a Timeshare

5 Mistakes Made When Buying a Timeshare

Does the word “timeshare” ring a bell or entice you? But most people don’t know that timeshare is shared ownership. Timeshare sellers allure people to buy through promotional discounts & offers. Be it a free hotel stay or vacation; you must know when is the right time to say no.

Timeshares are ideal for those people who want to commit to the accommodation, lodging, and facilities given by the timeshare operator for an extended period. It can also serve as a lovely holiday residence for you and your family. If you are thinking about buying a timeshare, you should carefully consider all of the factors related to it.


Below we have listed five crucial mistakes made by people when purchasing a timeshare.

1. Buying A Timeshare Impulsively

The most common blunder people make is buying a timeshare without carefully considering all of the factors and details involved.

Don’t buy a timeshare until you’ve yourself seen the shared holiday home. Check to see if it’s as amazing in person as it is in the brochure! Take the timeshare contract with you, get it read by an attorney, think about it for some days, and then make the final decision.

2. Not knowing your Vacation Budget

People often underestimate the financial consequences of vacationing at their holiday homes. Are you able to cover the expenses of getting to your timeshare? Will you need car rentals, plane tickets, or other services?

Compile all of the spendings from the last five to six years of holidays to get a better idea of your travel budget. If they add up more than your projected future timeshare fees and travel costs, a timeshare will save you money in the long run.

3. Not knowing Your Timeshare Location

Do you have a favorite holiday home, or are you still looking for new adventures? It’s crucial to know whether your timeshare gives you access to other assets or requires you to enter into deals with other timeshare companies. If you decide to exchange your timeshare, you can plan your holiday months in advance. As other timeshare owners have their preferences, it can be challenging to secure your preferred time and place.

4. Ignoring the Costs Involved With Owning a Timeshare

When you buy a timeshare, you must pay an upfront purchase fee depending on the property’s percentage ownership. Timeshare ownership entails annual fees and upkeep charges in addition to the one-time rent. This fee is therefore not consistent. When the timeshare requires maintenance, the prices will rise to offset the costs. And if you don’t go on your yearly vacation, you’re already liable for the payments

5. Not making All Payments on Time

It’s critical to make the required payments regularly. Making late payments may have serious consequences, including foreclosure. Naturally, foreclosures disclosed to credit agencies will have a negative impact on your credit score. When the timeshare sells for less than what you owe, you may be sued for the “deficiency.” While certain states exempt you from deficiency decisions, the other assets may be at risk.

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