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6 Ways to find a legit timeshare cancellation firm

6 Ways to find a legit timeshare cancellation firm

Life is too short to be stuck with bad decisions you made in the past. In an age where even tattoos can be reversed, there is no reason for people to stick around with an investment or a timeshare that is sucking out more money from them as opposed to giving out rewards like it was promised. Timeshares are often sold off as properties that will pour in benefits with time but in most cases, the benefits aren’t for you as much as they are for the salesman who sold it to you.

But it can be daunting for unhappy owners to get out of a deal like this because it’s difficult to figure out which option in the market is legit and how the process should be started. Enter, Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR) – because who better to help you with this mess than industry experts who have been doing the same for over 15 years?

  1. Background check: If the company offering you an exit strategy is unheard of and has no solid background, then you might want to rethink your decision. Those names from the market with good online presence and high Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are probably your best bet with cancellations. In addition to this, you can check if the company approaching you is recommended by American Resort Development Association (ARDA) for further assurance.
  2. Clarity: Getting offered vague legal advice is never a good sign. If clear paperwork and legal advice is missing, don’t go ahead with the process. The timeshare cancellation firm should focus less on how ‘legitimate’ they are and more on actually taking your cancellation process further.
  3. Unnecessary fees: Asking for an extremely high upfront fee or getting you to pay random additional costs are seldom good signs. Try looking for firms that offer escrow options. This would mean that the company would get paid only after the cancellation is complete. On the contrary, be on alert mode if they ask you to stop paying your maintenance fee. Maintenance fees are bound by legal contracts and failure of paying it can do you more harm than good. 
  4. Progress reports: Not only will a legit company give you a timeline of how long your cancellation will take, but it will also give you progress reports from time to time on how the process is going. For example, at ETR, we offer constant and clear communication, which means you can approach our team at any point in case of queries or additional information.
  5. Verbal vs Written: Every step of the process and any discussion must trace back to written proofs. If a large chunk of your cancellation is taking place based on verbal communication, odds are you are dealing with someone dicey. Written communication is a valuable route because it doubles out as a record-keeping system and legitimate proof in case of any fallacies.
  6. Dedicated staff members: Every case of cancellation is different based on the conditions of the contract. Getting approached by a salesperson who is just trying to close the deal by the end of your call isn’t always the best choice. Make sure you’re constantly in touch with a dedicated staff member that takes the time out to understand your case and fetch the best way out after evaluation.

Do your research before picking a timeshare cancellation. There are several options out there but not all of them are legitimate. With ETR you can get on a simple and brief phone call explaining what you want out of your timeshare. Our team will then look into your case, provide transparent costs, and get the proof of timeshare cancellation upon completion.




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