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Our History

Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR), is a family owned and operated business based in beautiful Meridian, Idaho. Steve and Michelle Cuccia founded ETR in 2009, after six years of working in the travel industry as reps for another company. Unhappy with what they perceived to be a lack of integrity in the company, through their business contacts Steve began researching other options. Due to their knowledge and reputation, Steve and Michelle were chosen for a highly prestigious affiliate position with Gold Crown Resort (GCR).

After a few months of hosting travel seminars, Michelle pointed out an interesting fact – the feedback from seminar participants was very positive but many of them kept asking, “Where were you 8-10 years ago when I got myself locked into a timeshare?”

The realization that there were far more unhappy timeshare owners than happy ones, presented a unique opportunity. Steve and Michelle decided to regroup and make solving timeshare problems their top priority. They dug in, learned the ins and outs of the industry, established connections with other professionals in the field and pioneered the timeshare exit business model.

Our Advantage

ETR was created in response to the complaints 80 % of timeshare owners share; they didn’t fully understand the financial commitment they were making, they didn’t realize that they were at the mercy of the resort in regard to rising maintenance fees and/or special assessment fees, and they were frustrated by the difficulty of getting where they wanted to go when they wanted to. Most of our clients tell us if they had known then, what they know now about their timeshare, they would have never signed on the dotted line.

Because of this, our exit process is designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. We know that unhappy timeshare owners already feel like they’ve been through the ringer, that’s why our results are guaranteed, in writing, and why we don’t collect upfront fees. We know we can do our job and deliver, and we are willing to prove it.

The result? Due to our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our strong business partnerships, we are able to offer what no other timeshare exit company does – a 100% guarantee that we can get you out of your timeshare, quickly and legally, at the lowest possible cost.

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How To Get Out of a Timeshare Contract ?

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Our Team

Steve & Michelle

Steve & Michelle Cuccia


Territory Director - Idaho, AZ & All Other Territories

We are proud of our company's track record of success over the past 10+ years, and we look forward to continuing to lead the industry that truly helps timeshare owners.

 208.447.7932    cuccia@easytimesharerelief.com

Alexi Faucher

Business Manager - Main Office
Territory Director - Eastern WA and Moscow, Pullman, CDA ID

I truly love meeting new people and helping others. With ETR I get to do both - by assisting our clients in getting out from under their timeshare liability.

 509.998.4177    Alexi.ETSR@gmail.com


Cody Cuccia

Marketing Director

Letting timeshare owners know they have options is very satisfying work. I love the fact we are able to help so many of the people we talk to.


Kelli Foy

Territory Director - Central CA

Working in such a dynamic industry has given me the opportunity to put my business skills to work in a very meaningful way. We solve problems for timeshare owners and they are very grateful for our help.

 831-915-9831    Kelli@easytimesharerelease.com


Gary Vartanian

Territory Director - No CA

I’m excited to be associated with a reputable company that is committed to helping people through the timeshare exit process. The fact that we are the oldest, most successful, least expensive company and we only collect our fee after our work is complete speaks to the total integrity of our company leaders.

 831-920-4690    gary@etrnorcal.com


Brent Finch

Territory Director - Montana, Utah, Alaska & Wyoming


Neil Davison

Territory Director - Western Washington & Oregon

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