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How do I get rid of my timeshare in a pandemic?

How do I get rid of my timeshare in a pandemic?

Regretting a timeshare purchase is not the best feeling. It gets a lot worse if you get stuck with a property you don’t want to use in the middle of a global pandemic. Not only did people lose out on their jobs and in turn, their source of income, but several of them faced losses and pay cuts making it tougher to afford these rather expensive properties. Unarguably, an easier way to get rid of the pile of bills would be to get rid of the unused timeshare – because who really is going on a vacation right now?
That said, if you are worried about how to begin the exit process, these are a few suggestions you can look into:

Talk To Your Developer:

The unique thing about this pandemic is that you are not the only one facing its repercussions. Businesses around the world are becoming more flexible and going out of their way to make adjustments for their consumers as per their situations. Talking to your developer and asking for a relief period of any kind might help you till you find ways to get back on your feet. This could be ruled out in different ways including reducing or eliminating your annual fees or working out loan deferral options.

Transfer Instead Of Selling:

If you encounter any salesperson offering you an ‘easy sell’ for your timeshare in the market during this year, you might want to do your research first. Buying power has been significantly lowered down due to the pandemic and the market does seem bleak. A safer option would be to pass it on as a gift to a trusted friend or family member as they could handle the annual payments on your behalf.

Contact An Expert:

Exiting a timeshare has always been a slippery slope. With a pandemic in the mix, timeshare cancellation is best handled by experts. Our team at Easy Timeshare Relief brings over 15 years of experience in this field as we know what’s best for our clients. Apart from treating each case uniquely, we also value our client’s time and money and aim to get them out of their timeshare completely and legally – pandemic or no pandemic. Feel free to reach out to us and have a conversation about your case so we can help you exit your timeshare.

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