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How To Write A Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

How To Write A Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

Timeshare is a convenient facility to enjoy your vacation in a place that you can call yours. But, many timeshare companies come into the business intending to fool people. They lure simple persons into such timeshares where they are stuck with high maintenance fees and various other inconveniences.

In those situations, legally exiting from those timeshares is the best option. For that, you need to start with writing a formal timeshare cancellation letter. There are certain things that complete your timeshare cancellation letter.

Easy Timeshare Relief is one of those few names that assure you of the smoothest cancellation of your timeshare. From that rich experience, our experts have summarized these tips that can guide you in writing a perfect timeshare cancellation letter.

Why Do You Need To Cancel Your Timeshare?

You need to know your real goal behind canceling your timeshare. Only then you can decide your terminologies to define your need to cancel your timeshare. The most common reason behind timeshare cancellations is the exponentially rising maintenance fees. However, commence an in-depth analysis and write down your reasons for canceling your timeshare in detail.

Know Your Rescission Deadline Properly

When you buy a timeshare, there is a window of a few days after signing the contract to rethink your purchase. That time phase is called the “cooling off” or “rescission” period. The number of days in the rescission period varies in different states according to their rules. The average rescission period is commonly 5-7 days. Some states can provide you 3 days rescission period while some others have a week even exempting Sundays and holidays. Hence, research well to know about the rescission period in the state you are purchasing a timeshare.

Important Things To Include In Your Letter

Besides presentably adding the motive of canceling your timeshare, there are some important things that you must include in your timeshare cancellation letter. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Your name and contact details.
  • The name and basic details of your timeshare company.
  • The contract number that you want to cancel.
  • The names that are mentioned in the contract.
  • The date of your purchase.
  • The brief statement of cancellation.
  • The amount paid by you along with a request for the refund of that amount.

Things That You Need To Pay Attention To

Your headache doesn’t end after sending the timeshare cancellation letter. If your letter is not written according to the accepted norms, it will easily get rejected. And, with such a short rescission period, you can’t afford to have errors in your letter. Also, you must ensure having multiple numbers of copies of all your documentation with appropriate dates. Otherwise, your timeshare cancellation request will become invalid on legal grounds. Hence, make sure that your letter and supporting documents are perfect and legally accepted by your timeshare company.

However, within the rescission period and even beyond that, joining hands with a professional timeshare cancellation organization like Easy Timeshare Relief can smoothly execute your total cancellation operation. You just need to contact us to know about our services. Also, our blog page contains really great information about timeshares. Do check it out.

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