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Not sure you want to pay for something that you cannot use?

Not sure you want to pay for something that you cannot use?

In no universe are you the only one questioning that to yourself. It makes little to no sense to be paying for something consistently every year if you’re not going to use it. This is where Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR) comes in handy. Our team of professionals has been managing cases like such for over 15 years. The best part? Our ideology revolves around getting people out of messy timeshare contracts that have them paying maintenance dues forever.

We aim to take the dues away and provide peace of mind to our customers.

An unused vacation home

Travel challenges, financial burdens, hectic lifestyles – there are plenty of reasons why people find it difficult to find the time and go vacationing in the timeshares they have bought out. Unfortunately, timeshare contracts don’t take usage into consideration. The annual maintenance dues continue to go higher with every passing year and the legal owner has to meet them regardless of how often they’ve actually used the timeshare property. This ultimately leads to them paying for a vacation home that’s unused for several years.

Can you instantly stop making these payments?

As mentioned, you are legally bound to fulfill your maintenance obligations until your timeshare contract is in power. In some cases, you may be able to put a stop to these payments after reaching a point of agreement with your developer. That said, every case is different and has specific details in the original contract that vary from one another,  and ceasing your payments is normally a bad choice as it can land you into further legal trouble.

This is where you need specialized timeshare consultants like the ones at ETR to come in and treat your case like the unique one it is. Not only will they help you find the best possible solution for exiting your property but they will also navigate a solution if you have any pending payments.

Need serious help with your dues?

Aside from guiding you through the usual process, ETR also provides free maintenance dues around Christmas all year round making it the best Christmas present for yourselves! If you’ve been struggling with making payments for something you don’t use and want to put an end to this nightmare, contact ETR. Because our friendly team would be happy to provide substantial advice as opposed to using cheap sales tactics.





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