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Resort Timeshare Cancellation or Rescission Lawyers – What To Choose?

Resort Timeshare Cancellation or Rescission Lawyers – What To Choose?

Timeshare has gradually become a great option for combining investment and leisure. People invest a bearable amount in properties used for vacations and in return, they get the access to spend a vacation on the property for a specific time period every year. The period for use may be fixed during a specific time in a year or it can be flexible throughout a year. Sounds awesome, right? But, there are many hidden traps in this great-looking system. Let’s take a look at the problems of resort timeshare.

Smart and tricky sales executives may easily make you sign the contract for a timeshare without emphasizing its greatest trap i.e. exponentially increasing maintenance fees. They will tell you that they have a very low maintenance fee but, after you sign the contract, you will face an exponential hike in maintenance fees every year. Then your investment for leisure will become one of the largest loopholes in your annual budget.

Another major trap in resort timeshare cancellation is that there is a very small rescission period to cancel your timeshare. After the rescission period is over, you can’t easily cancel your timeshare as you have signed the contract. So, after investing in timeshare, it becomes your greatest burden to cancel it.

But, while canceling a timeshare, a major problem is that most of the hidden critical terms and conditions are very hard to understand for any common people. And, people often try to avoid hiring lawyers for timeshare cancellation and they get trapped with those terms. That is where rescission lawyers can make the timeshare cancellation absolutely easy for you.

So, what are the major points to choose between resort timeshare cancellation and rescission lawyer?

To avail resort timeshare cancellation directly, you need to follow these steps –

  1. Firstly go through your timeshare contract minutely to calculate your rescission period.
  2. Then you can find out if you are still within your rescission period or not. You cannot rescind after your rescission period is over.
  3. You have to make copies of each important document related to your timeshare to prove your timeshare purchase.
  4. You need to make a written statement mentioning that you want to cancel your timeshare contract. You will need copies of this statement too.
  5. Then you have to send the cancellation statements as per the specified method of delivery for the timeshare agency.
  6. You need to be brief yet completely described in your statements.
  7. You must speak to the head or any higher authority of the organization, not to any salesperson. Because salespersons may again lure you not to cancel.

As resort timeshare agencies receive plenty of cancellation requests, you need to absolutely perfect at every step of the cancellation process. Any mistake from your side may get you stuck in some more complicated legal issue.

On the other hand, if you hire a rescission lawyer, you will get relief from the cumbersome process. Your lawyer will take care of everything for you. But, the service of rescission lawyer comes with a charge. You have to make choice there as per the importance of the one-time charges of the lawyer or the struggle you have to face for a direct resort timeshare cancellation. So, with these points, you can get help to choose between resort timeshare cancellation and rescission lawyer.

At Easy Timeshare Relief, we are always eager to provide you best advice and services regarding timeshare cancellation. To avail our services, feel free to contact us. Also, visit our blog page for more information on timeshare cancellations.

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