The Appeal of a Timeshare vs the Reality of a Timeshare

The Appeal of a Timeshare vs the Reality of a Timeshare

Have you ever been approached by a timeshare salesman? Have you ever attended a free seminar about affordable vacation spots to get a reward or meal? Do you or someone you know own and use a timeshare?

Learning all you can about timeshares might be a good idea in today’s business market and self-care culture. Vacations grow more and more exotic and elaborate, and timeshares may or may not fit into that reality for you.

At Easy Timeshare Relief, we work with timeshare owners to find the right fit and vacation solution for their individual needs. We’ve learned a lot about timeshares and the appeal that brings customers into the timeshare market. Today we’re breaking down the appeal of timeshares and exactly how people join or purchase into a timeshare.

What is a Timeshare?

Although timeshares can vary in contract, location, application, price, and other factors, timeshares are generally part ownership in a vacation property. Timeshare owners pay mortgages and fees for a partial deed to a property and gain access to the vacation property according to the terms of the contract. Some timeshares are credit-based, and allow you to use your accumulated credits at a variety of properties all over the world.

The Appeal of Timeshares

Timeshares can be appealing to a diverse number of groups since there are options for almost any type of vacation you want. The biggest appeal for potential timeshare owners is that you can stay in larger, better accommodations in exotic and expensive vacations for a lower price. For example, your timeshare may allow you to stay in a multi-bedroom condo with a full kitchen and other amenities for half the price of a tiny hotel room in the same neighborhood. It is appealing to pay a small amount each month and rack up availability and credit to use all over the world for incredible vacations.

The Reality of Timeshares

Unfortunately, the appeal of timeshares can wear off quickly. You may find that the monthly or overall financial commitment is much more than you anticipated, or that even with that investment you’re still unable to book the accommodations you need for specific dates. The pristine and luxurious lodgings you were shown in the presentation might not match up with the actual rooms you find at check-in. Then what?

If you’re in this group of countless timeshare owners falling out of love with their timeshare contracts, there is help. Though timeshare contracts can be complicated and binding, Easy Timeshare Relief exists to help you find the solution to your timeshare problems. We can help you navigate your contract and commitment, and negotiate on your behalf to provide relief from your timeshare when it is no longer serving your needs. If the appeal of your timeshare has worn off, it might be time to give one of our timeshare experts a call to help release you from your timeshare contract without intense legal fees, credit damage, or other complications. All it takes is one phone call!