Timeshare Cancelation Lawyers vs. Easy Timeshare Relief: How Do We Differ?

Once you realize that being a timeshare owner isn’t all glitz and glamor, you know that it’s time to get out of your timeshare. If only it were that simple. Being a timeshare owner becomes even more frustrating when you feel trapped and forced to continue paying for a timeshare. Why should you keep paying copious amounts of money for a property that you don’t even want? The reality is, you never had full ownership of said timeshare, to begin with. Regret and the inability to get out of your timeshare are difficult roads to navigate. 

At this point, you feel taken advantage of, and you’re starting to look into legal resolutions. Unfortunately, attempting to sue a timeshare company comes with its own set of disadvantages. Before you proceed any further, you must understand the differences between timeshare relief companies and timeshare cancelation lawyers. 

Not All Timeshare Cancelation Lawyers Are Actual Lawyers

Timeshare owners are filled with euphoria after they make their timeshare purchase because the sales pitch sounds promising. Most of the time, timeshare owners don’t even read their contracts until they get home, and then reality sets in. Many timeshare owners turn to a law firm when their attempts to cancel backfire. Presenting a lawsuit isn’t necessarily a safe bet when attempting to break free from a timeshare. 

Because timeshare owners are desperate to get out of their contract, often they fail to research a law firm properly. Each year, thousands of timeshare owners assume that businesses with legal titles are trustworthy—even if they haven’t checked if said entities have real legal credentials. Phony legal teams also prey on desperation, and they use legal jargon to try to convince you that they’re the real deal. People who aren’t familiar with legal terminology are once more victimized by fraud and end up right back where they started. 

Sales Agents Can Be Disguised as Cancelation Lawyers

There isn’t an actual law firm on the market that solely specializes in timeshare litigation. Finding a legitimate timeshare cancelation lawyer is be exhausting. Legal teams usually offer timeshare exit plans as a side dish while primarily focusing on lawsuits that are evidence-based. While many of these lawyers are certified, their experience lies in cases that deal with divorce, medical claims, accidents, or bankruptcy; this does not mean they are qualified to manage timeshare cancelation cases. In the future, do not submit your contact information to sales-focused agencies that lack legal credentials. If this does happen, expect to be bombarded with sales pitches about timeshares. 

Timeshare Relief Companies Are Dedicated to Cancelation

Easy Timeshare Relief specializes in timeshare cancelation, and we’ve heard all the predatory timeshare stories before. Our company was created as a response to the complaints that 80% of timeshare owners share—be it the timeshare owner not understanding what they signed up for, the timeshare owner didn’t realize that they were at the mercy of the resort regarding rising maintenance fees, among several other common complaints. We know the pain that your timeshare has caused you, and our exit process is designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible. We don’t collect upfront fees, and our results are guaranteed in writing. Contact us today to get started on the process of exiting your timeshare contract.