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Timeshare cancellation: Scam or true

Timeshare cancellation: Scam or true

Timeshare cancellation can be nothing short of a nightmare if not done correctly. With a variety of different sources telling you different things, it can get difficult to determine whether or not you’re permitted to go ahead with your cancellation. And once you cross that bridge, there is the confusion of picking a path to take for a legal and safe cancellation. This is a market where certain companies and attorneys might state fake promises to you when it comes to your property. However, it is crucial to watch out for some red flags and keep your distance from the scammers.

Background checks are needed: 

The truth about timeshare cancellation is that while it can easily be managed in a legal manner, there are companies out there who will promise you otherwise. Some of them might quote exorbitant upfront fees while others will convince you to stop making maintenance/annual payments while you’re still legally bound to do so. Your timeshare cancellation should be carried out by a company that has been legally doing business for a good amount of time and carries some referral value in the market.

Our experts at Easy Timeshare Relief have been serving clients and dealing with unique cases for 15+ years. But that’s not all, we have testimonials to back up what we do and strong procedures in place to help you out – qualities that fake companies or scamming attorneys will not possess.

Run background checks and read through the resources and guidance provided by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) to understand your options better. Any company that’s not a member of ARDA is best to steer clear of.

Avoid the promotional gimmicks:

Any attorney or company that’s heavy on the promotion but very vague with legal advice is bound to not provide the right guidance. Reading the fine print on your cancellation contracts is essential as there is a risk of getting stuck with poor credit or other legal issues.

Rescission period:

There is little to no room for scammers if you are well within your rescission period and are ready to cancel your timeshare contract. This period legally allows you to make cancellations without any severe consequences or heavy fees – something a good attorney should know about and help with easily. You can find out more about rescission periods from the state laws of the state you have your timeshare in.

With a few of these guidelines in mind, your timeshare cancellation can go by smoothly without any scams or traps in place. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss any queries you may have.





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