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Timeshare exit: the safest and legal way to exit timeshares

Timeshare exit: the safest and legal way to exit timeshares

Life isn’t always predictable or the same – the timeshare you invested in earlier won’t necessarily prove to be handy throughout your life. And while you might  Exiting your timeshare isn’t always the easiest option, especially after getting stuck in heaps of paperwork and confusion. However, there still exist some safe and legal methods to get out of the liabilities of maintaining a timeshare. Take a look at a few of them below:

Check your rescission period: For every timeshare sold there is a rescission period involved in the deal. In simple terms, this rescission period is a limited amount of time provided to you on your purchase that allows you to go back on your buying decision. However, this period varies from state to state in the USA and depends entirely on the state where the timeshare property is situated and not where you reside. You will have to check with the authorities of the state before you go ahead with any decision and confirm your recission period if you intend to use it.

Let go of it: If you’re sure of not wanting to keep your timeshare anymore, you can either try selling it off or renting it out – however, do not expect any extensive high-profit margins. Unlike other real estate properties, timeshares don’t quite appreciate. It is important to know the real worth of your property before you put it up for sale so you’re able to appeal to your target market accordingly while selling it. There are designated websites that allow you to put up your listing and work towards making this process as smooth as possible. Alternatively, if your finances allow you to, then feel free to gift the property to fellow family and friends. Be mindful about who you give the timeshare off to as those people will not just be the new owners but will also be responsible for paying off the annual fee of your property.

Strike a deal with the seller: While hardly any developer will agree to take back the property they have sold, you might still be able to figure a deal out. That said, the deal won’t exactly be profitable as you would like. In most cases, you will be forced to shell out the timeshare for free. However, if you keep your eyes on the long-term goal there might still be light at the end of the tunnel with this move. The upkeep and maintenance fees of the property are going to pile onto your bills for as long as it’s yours. You might hand it over to your seller at what might seem like a colossal loss, BUT, it will let you off the hook for that maintenance cost. 

Contact the ETR team: If everything looks chaotic and you’re confused about which path to choose regarding your exit strategy, contact our team at Easy Timeshare Relief. As experts who have a track record of over 15 years in this field, we keep you in the loop throughout the process and offer you the easiest way out from your timeshare nightmare. The best part? We can save you up to 40% (or more) depending on your contract as we go through with this decision.


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