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Tips to remember before exiting your timeshare

Tips to remember before exiting your timeshare

Are you frustrated with paying for a vacation home that you aren’t using? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to be told that you’ve reached a point where you want to exit your timeshare contract.

Timeshare exit can be an extremely difficult process if attempted incorrectly. With too many options (and scams) running frequently across the market, it can get confusing about where to start. However, once you’re ready to take the dive, it’s important to take a few steps behind, look at the choices at hand, and make proper evaluations. All of this can be made a bit easier if you keep these few things in mind.


  • Research: This is crucial. If you have decided to exit your timeshare, it is important to research whether you can still sell it back, talk to your developer, or if you need to use a timeshare exit company like Easy Timeshare Relief. If you feel the need to use a company for exiting your contract, you need to further urn a quick check to find a company that has good reviews, ratings, and a proven track record in doing what needs to be done. Most importantly, you must go through the ARDA’s list to see which exit companies have been recommended and if your chosen one is part of the list.
  • Find a specialist: It’s not just about the company you look for, it is equally important to work with an attorney that specialises in timeshare law. An experienced lawyer would be adept with the ever-changing laws of real-estate and would in turn, be able to treat your case better.
  • Don’t fall for fake promises: If you’ve decided to exit your timeshare, several companies and salespersons might convince you to stop paying your annual maintenance fees. This is dangerous because you are legally obligated to keep making these payments. If you fail to do so, you’ll not only find yourself under the financial burden of the timeshare contract but also an unnecessary legal battle.
  • Talk to your developer: In some cases, developers might be able to help you in working out an exit deal. Established resort developers have set up special branches of their company that work exclusively to get unhappy customers out of their timeshare contracts.
  • Be prepped for the long run: Taking an exit route and being completely free of your timeshare takes time. While experts at ETR might be able to work this out for you in as little as 180 days (or less), other firms or some special cases might take longer. It all comes down to your original contract and the attorney who is handling your case. Either way, breaking free of the contract immediately is nearly impossible, so make sure you’re prepped for the long run.
  • Get organised: Even before you approach a timeshare exit company, there are some steps you can take that will make the process go smoothly. One of the initial steps is to gather all your documents (including your contract) and maintain some records of all your billings so they can be handed over to your attorney as soon as required. However, ETR will manage all of your paperwork once we have the required documents to make the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible.



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