Why You Should Walk Away From Your Timeshare?

Why You Should Walk Away From Your Timeshare

There’s no doubt you’ve encountered a timeshare company agent during your vacation, especially if you stayed at a popular destination. This agent was pushy, and their demeanor intimidated you into signing a timeshare contract. Either that or the agent pretended to be your friend during the entirety of your timeshare presentation. At that moment, you fell for their sales tactics and couldn’t think straight. Now you’re experiencing buyer’s remorse over the timeshare you felt forced to sign up for. A study conducted by the University of Central Florida found that 85% of people stuck in a timeshare contract regret their purchase. 

You signed up for either a deeded timeshare or a vacation club. Deeded timeshares make up 95% of all timeshares in the United States. This is when the owner purchases a portion of the resort at fixed intervals. Fixed intervals are certain weeks of the year when the owner of a portion of a timeshare can actually spend time at the timeshare—which is usually for two weeks at a time, and that’s if they’re lucky. Vacation clubs are leases, licenses, or club memberships that give owners access to condos and resorts. However, members still do not own this property; all this means is that members have more flexibility in choosing their vacation time and amenities. This is also an even more expensive option that is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Get Out of Your Timeshare to Reduce Stress

Vacations are meant to be an enjoyable getaway, not an extended period of time where you fixate over your timeshare even more. Timeshares can make you overthink so much to the point where you want to skip your vacation, which will have adverse effects on your mental health. It’s not your fault that the timeshare agent in Las Vegas preyed on your feelings of relaxation and made you believe that timeshares will simplify your future vacations. During your everyday life, you’re expected to balance your high-stress job, family, friends, hobbies, and nutrition. Your vacation should be time away from that routine. Instead, you’re now left with chronic stress which will increase your cortisol levels and blood pressure, as well as leave you with cardiovascular issues and insomnia. 

Get Out of Your Timeshare to Save Money

Don’t underestimate how much money that overpriced timeshare is draining your wallet of. Not only did you pay for that hefty down payment, but now you’re expected to pay mortgage payments, which include maintenance and financing fees, as well as those pesky property taxes. These figures don’t even factor in the amount of money it costs to get to your timeshare, which includes travel. Overall, timeshares don’t make sense because when you go on vacation, you don’t spend your entire trip cooped up inside your timeshare. Sometimes, your timeshare will only be a place to sleep in. 

Are you sick of being sick? Get out of that timeshare. There’s still hope for you as most states require a 5-7 day recession period to get out of your contract. However, if that window of time has passed, it will now be significantly difficult to break out of your contract. Easy Timeshare Relief will help you exit out of that timeshare contract that’s dragging you down. Give us a call today and we’ll give you the timeshare relief that you seek.