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Your timeshare exit checklist!

Your timeshare exit checklist!

Timeshare exit can be a confusing process especially if you lack the right guidance. Thanks to bad contracts and a few unkind developers, the task of getting rid of a timeshare may look all the more invincible. Luckily, our team of professionals at Easy Timeshare Relief (ETR) has been helping people out for more than 15 years and getting them out of unnecessary fees and tricky contracts by hearing you out and treating every case with its unique features in mind.

That said, there are a few things that should be evaluated and kept in mind before you begin this process.

-Picking the right route: If you’re aware of your state laws and are well within your rescission period (a time period that allows you to cancel your timeshare contract without any sever repercussions), then you should find a timeshare exit company that’s willing to help you out with that. However, if you’ve passed the rescission period, you may ask your attorney to go forward with other steps and get you the next best solution.

-Background check: While reaching out to a timeshare exit company can prove to be the most helpful, it is important to check the company’s reputation in the market and run a check of it through Better Business Bureau. This also includes scouring through customer reviews and looking at one with a successful track record. Referrals from others who have worked with some of these firms before are definitely worth taking note of too. It also helps to check how long the timeshare exit company has been in the business giving you an insight into their work and success rate.

-Pick the right attorney: Once you’re satisfied with your choice of company choice, ensure that they’ve got an attorney/department that specializes in what you need. Additionally, any person handling your case should be willing to listen to you, give good advice and constant updates as opposed to confusing you with further technicalities. It’s also crucial that the attorney is willing to be transparent with every step of the process, give you written contracts, and avoid any hidden fees.

-Document check: Ensure that you have both copies and originals of documents that are a part of your timeshare deal. Gather them all along with any information that you might need during the exit procedure so that things can move along smoothly and quickly when you actually find the right match of attorney/firm.

-Pay maintenance fees: A very essential point to note in most cases, is the obligation to pay maintenance/annual fees till the very end of the contract. Some timeshare companies or attorneys might try to convince you otherwise, which will lead you to deeper trouble – making it a very essential part of your checklist.




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