Easy Timeshare Relief FAQs

Is it possible to get out of my timeshare without any liability moving forward?

Yes. Our timeshare exit specialists are trained to identify the BEST possible solution for you, not just one that will work. Easy Timeshare Relief has helped thousands of frustrated timeshare owners, just like you, exit their timeshare with the peace of mind that they deserve. In fact, unlike other companies, we back this with our 100% Timeshare Relief Guarantee!

How much paperwork will this require of me?

Very limited. We work to make the timeshare relief process simple and straight forward to ensure that there is no confusion along the way. Aside from some basic intake paperwork, we will prepare everything for you and have it ready for you to simply sign on the dotted line when the time comes. For some timeshare relief scenarios, background documentation will be requested from you directly, but this doesn't require you to do anything but scan and send!

How long will this take?

Timeshare exit processes vary depending upon a number of factors, which is why we always start with a detailed review of your situation. Generally, if your mortgage is paid and all fees are current, you can expect to be free of your timeshare within 8 - 12 months. If you still have a mortgage balance or fees owing the process can take up to 12 - 18 months.

Can I stop making my timeshare maintenance and tax payments?

We advise against ceasing payment until you have discussed your payment schedule with your timeshare relief consultant. In some cases, you can stop making these payments immediately after an agreement is reached, but again this should be discussed based on your specific case with your timeshare relief consultant.

What if I owe past due fees for taxes and maintenance on my timeshare?

This can sometimes complicate the process; however, that is why we are partnered with expert professionals – brokers and attorneys – who specialize in navigating our clients through the exit process. When we meet with you, we will be able to lay out all your options and outline a clear plan of action, so you’ll know exactly what to expect while we work on getting you out of your timeshare.

Will my name be removed from the timeshare contract under your services?

Yes. Easy Timeshare Relief provides COMPLETE timeshare relief solutions that result in ownership being legitimately transferred. Depending on the property, this can be recorded in a number of different ways, but under no circumstance will you be asked to leave your name on the timeshare agreement or deed.

Can you help ensure that my children are not responsible for my timeshare obligation after I pass?

YES. Most timeshare contracts include verbiage that require financial responsibility to be passed along to an owner's heirs along with the timeshare, whether or not the heir desires to assume liability. Easy Timeshare Relief can help ensure your heirs are not left with any timeshare headaches to deal with.

What if I don't live close to one of your physical offices?

Don't worry! Our timeshare relief specialists are trained in minimizing effort and hassle on your end. This includes offering consultations over the phone, easy options for sending us documents electronically, and a network of mobile notaries nationwide to ensure your timeshare exit goes as smoothly as possible.

Will your system work for me?

Why can’t I get out of or sell my timeshare myself?

You can try! Many of our clients went down that road with no success before they decided to work with us. They found there were three main challenges they were up against:

  1. If you want to sell your timeshare be aware that it is a crowded field. Go to eBay and look at Timeshares for sale. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of timeshare listings, many selling for $1. Yes, you can buy a timeshare for a dollar, but the catch is that you have to assume the maintenance fees, many of which are higher than the retail cost of staying at the resort.
  2. Remember because you have a deed, this is a real estate transaction. Selling a timeshare yourself is similar to selling your house – you have to know how to navigate the technical and legal processes to successfully get released from the deed and have it legally transferred, along with all the obligations, to a new owner. If it were an easy process everyone would do it and we wouldn’t be in business.
  3. Finally and unfortunately, because you signed on the dotted line, the resort holds all the cards. They are in control. As a timeshare owner you simply don’t have the leverage to force them to release you and take your timeshare back. But we do. We know how to use the legal system and case law on your behalf, which is why our success rate is so high. And why we are confident enough to undertake your exit process without collecting any fees until we have fulfilled our promise to get you out of your timeshare once and for all.