We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction


- Bernard and Betty

I can’t believe how quick and easy it was for us to get out of 3 timeshares, one we even owed a large amount of money on. Steve and staff were there for us the whole way. Now we have no maintenance fees and vacation with our Gold Crown Membership. Thank you Easy Timeshare Relief, for getting us out of our timeshares.


- Perry and Patricia

Happy to say that it only took 75 days and we were out of our timeshare. A real joy working with Steve at Easy Timeshare Relief, and the fact that we didn’t have to pay anything to get started says volumes about this company. We would refer anybody to them as they were a joy to work with.


- Randy

I want to give out a thanks to Steve and his staff for quickly getting me out of my timeshare, and for introducing us to Gold Crown Resort. Now we can vacation when we want, and only pay when we go… no more maintenance fees!


- Lexi

After meeting a representative from Easy Timeshare Relief, it was an easy process… it took about 10 months and I received my exit letter. I was extremely pleased with the entire process, everything went the way I was told. I had complete faith and trust in using Easy Timeshare Relief and working with Steve and Michelle. To say that I am happy is an understatement. I am now done with the never-ending cost associated with my timeshare. Thank you for getting me out of this never-ending money pit!!!


- Rick Austin

I would like to personally thank you Alexi and your company, Easy timeshare relief, in helping with the transfer of my timeshare. The process went smoothly and you were very thorough in following through with your commitment in transferring our timeshare. You also went out of your way to help me with an issue with another timeshare I transferred through a different company some five years ago. That was very kind and very helpful. I appreciated you recommendations in that matter. Sincerely, Rick Austin