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How It Works?

At Easy Timeshare Relief, we are committed to making the whole process completely hassle-free and simple for our clients. You will be able to exit your timeshare legally, in the minimum period, and at the lowest possible cost by following just a few simple steps.

1. Connect with our team

Once you contact our team, we will schedule a brief conversation with you and our timeshare specialists to know about your specific situation in detail. Here, we will ask some simple but relevant questions such as –

  • When did you purchase your timeshare and from whom?
  • Is the mortgage paid off on it?
  • Why are you looking for a way out?

  • All this will be asked during your free consultation to get a deeper understanding of your situation. Remember,

every client has a unique timeshare experience and therefore we need to address each situation differently. This way we can focus on providing exactly what you need!

Our team will make sure to keep the conversation brief and to the point while clearing out all the doubts in your mind. We will also tell you about our fee structure to maintain 100% transparency regarding what you can expect throughout the process.

2.Collecting Paperwork

Once we are clear on your situation, we will need some crucial documents to quickly begin the work on your behalf. These documents include –

  • Copy of your deed
  • Purchase contract
  • Maintenance fees statement
  • Special assessment fee bills (if any)

All this paperwork will be submitted to our team of professionals who will assess them to identify the best possible solution for your particular timeshare scenario.

3.We’ll keep you posted!

We will keep you updated on everything till you are out of your timeshare! With excellent customer service, our team will communicate with you at regular intervals throughout the entire process.

According to your situation, you could be rid of your timeshare in as little as 180 days! Once the procedure is complete, we will send you the title documents and proof of your timeshare cancellation. Then that’s it! You will be free of your timeshare burden forever and finally get the peace of mind you deserve!

With ETR, one thing is always guaranteed, 100% Timeshare Relief!